Wine Expo

2933 California Route 2, Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 828-4428

About Wine Expo

Regardless of who your local shop is, it's in your best interest to swing by Wine Expo to check out their unparalleled collection of hand-selected imports you can't find anywhere else.

Wine Expo offers the largest selection of personally selected wines from Europe, South America and South Africa, a huge selection of craft and imported beers and spirits, plus more REAL Champagne than you’ve ever seen. The Wine Expo staff travels world-wide every year to seek out the very best local wines the world has to offer.

In their own words:

"People often ask, 'So….you guys specialize in European wines, huh?' forcing us to explain that what we are REALLY interested in is diversity of style (we stock scores of different grape varieties, not just hundreds of labels of the same old same old) and wines that both enhance our diverse cuisine and challenge your senses (instead of just being big fruit bombs slathered in oak that make a strong first impression but then deaden your palate). Plus we are not only aware of the Global Marketplace but are famous for turning it upside down and squeezing it twice to find you the best deals."